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Braeburn apple trees curiosities

braeburn cordon apple trees

In the apple world, Braeburn is considered a late variety of apple type that stores well and has a crunchy and dense texture. It is the most famous name for apples in the world. Braeburn is very crispy and large, not forgetting the refreshing flavour it offers.

When you want to buy fruit trees, it is important to note that different trees require different aspects to develop fully. Apple’s origin can be traced back to New Zealand. A Braeburn apple tree is beautiful once they blossom

What season are best for Braeburn apple trees

Braeburn apple trees are known to be late apples. They should be left on the tree for as long as possible before you decide to harvest them, then let them continue to ripen. In most cases, they are best enjoyed from November up to spring.

The appearance of Braeburn apple trees

It is easy to spot a Braeburn apple tree, they are usually tall, large and the colour is olive green that almost looks more yellow as it matures. Again, it is covered by a handsome red flush.

What flavour do Braeburn apple trees have?

The truth is Braeburn apples are refreshing and sub acidic. The green flesh is crunchy, solid, and crisp even when the apple is fully ripe.

Uses of Braeburn apples

Mainly, it is a dessert apple; however, it is effective for cooking, especially for those who prefer slicing for use.

Process of cropping and growth

The growth is vigorous; Braeburn spurs freely, and is used fully for cordon growing. It demands a shelter, locality, or a warm aspect because it is a bush tree.

How pollination occurs

The Braeburn tree pollination is a C pollination group, so if you need to pollinate, use varieties in an adjacent or similar group to pollinate.

Different tree sizes for Braeburn trees

MM106 it is the most vigorous and will make the best choice in cases where you need a larger orchard-sized tree.MM 106 is suitable for almost all soils and grows 4 meters.

The M26 stock is classed as a semi-dwarfing. The advantage is it does well on poor soils.

The M29 matures to almost 200cm plus and is good for promoting larger fruits as long as there is good soil.

M27 is best for small gardens, patios, and pots. It grows to almost 180cm in good soil.

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