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Hi, I'm Neyla and I write about life and home

My motto: Build strong relationships, create friends everywhere you go and drink a lot of cofeee.... :)

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RESPECT, SUPPORT, PROTECT, LOVE These is my life philosophy. With over 15 years of experience, beginning in Scotland, and built in NY, Neyla believes that the key to a beautiful and long life is a long term approach that joins an occasional routine and a solid way of life instead of momentary...

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When you have an old bike and you will somehow want to upgrade it, then you are making the right...


Fireplaces – The Looks and Warmth

A HVAC framework is an indispensable part in keeping you warm in the long winter season. It helps...


Starting an apple tree nursery

Apple trees are one of the most popular fruit trees, so starting an apple tree nursery might be a...